Saturday, August 26, 2017

Stephanie Oh, Student Doctor and Operations Member, Featured on Rutgers Today

From Rutgers Today: "Stephanie Oh, a medical student and student director of the Promise Clinic, found that a personal connection between doctor and patient is essential to providing the best the best care. 
Stephanie Oh, MD/PhD student, Promise Clinic Student Doctor and Student Director on the Operations Committee was recently featured in an article on Rutgers Today entitled "Rutgers Medical Students Care for Area Poor and Homeless." The article highlights the important work Promise Clinic and HIPHOP are doing to support the health of people in the New Brunswick.

"Health is not just a state of physical wellness- it's also mental and social wellness." Oh says, "Our student-doctors are learning that in order to ensure a patient's wellbeing you have to be able to take care of all these facets together."

Read more at Rutger's today.

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