Thursday, May 11, 2017

TotW 5/11: At the Movies

The nominations for the Tony's came out last week. I realize that's usually just for theater, but at Promise Clinic we decided to use that as an opportunity to ask Continuity Care Team 32 about their favorite movies. They were featured for second time for their speedy (and attentive) care for their patient.

From L to R: Dan Levin (M1), Oby Ibe (M3), Tara Henn (M4), Thomas Golden (M4)

1) What’s the best movie you’ve ever seen?
Dan Levin (M1): Fight Club
Oby Ibe (M3): Hidden Figures
Tara Henn (M4): The Intouchables
Thomas Golden (M4): The Quiet Man
2) What movie do you think you’ve seen the most times?
Dan Levin (M1): Fight Club
Oby Ibe (M3): Harry Potter Series
Tara Henn (M4): The Lion King
Thomas Golden (M4): The Quiet Man
3) What’s a film you would never, ever, never watch again?
Dan Levin (M1): Taken
Oby Ibe (M3): Glitter
Tara Henn (M4): Twilight

Thomas Golden (M4): Man of Steel

Their M4's are out the door!

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