Thursday, March 30, 2017

TotW 3/23: Spring

Did you know that Match Day happened? Well in case you didn't, I can tell you it did! We are spending this week highlighting some more of our AMAZING M4's as this week's Team of the Week.

From L to R: Azad Hiprara, Christine Tolias, and Alyssa Huncken
Jaya Kanduri

1) What’s your favorite flower?
Jaya Kanduri (M4): ”Rose.”
Azad Hirpara  (M4): ”Orchid”
Alyssa Huncken (M4): “Orchid. Azad’s a smart guy.”
Christine Tolias (M4): “Peony. It used to be daisy but then I acquired more expensive tastes.”
2) What’s your favorite springtime activity?
Jaya Kanduri (M4): ”Walking my dog along the river. Cookie is my dog’s name.”
Azad Hirpara  (M4): “Driving range-- I like that. I also like playing pickup basketball outside.”
Alyssa Huncken (M4): “I say walks. I like exploring! And golf, now that I can actually play since I haven’t played since the beginning of my pregnancy.”
Christine Tolias (M4): “Just being outside. Frolicking also? Really just getting sun.”
3 What is your favorite thing that uses springs (some examples include trampolines, pens, video game controllers, high school physics experiments) ?
Jaya Kanduri (M4): ”Trampoline OBVIOUSLY.”
Azad Hirpara  (M4): “I have to go with trampolines, since I never had one growing up.”
Alyssa Huncken (M4): “Pogo sticks!!”
Christine Tolias (M4): “What about those bouncy things-- WAIT No notebooks have springs! Wait no, pogo sticks are my answer.”

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