Thursday, February 16, 2017

TotW 2/9: Student Wellness

February is Student Wellness month! ALL of Continuity Care Team 38 was in clinic this week so we decided to chat with them about their wellness habits.

From L to R: Linda Gao (M3), Anya McDermott (M1), Sinthu Ranjan (M4), Somaar Malik (M4), Tom Kuriakose (M2)

1) What’s your favorite form of exercise?
Anya McDermott (M1): "Running…. I could also say Yoga."
Tom Kuriakose (M2): Running slowly
Linda Gao (M3): Napping.
Sinthu Ranjan (M4): “I got this groupon for yoga!”
Somaar Malik (M4): Sailing- You’re out in the ocean for nine hours!

2) What do you do daily to stay well?
Anya McDermott (M1): I call my mom.
Tom Kuriakose (M2): Babysit my niece.
Linda Gao (M3): Napping.
Sinthu Ranjan (M4): “Jesus these are great answers. Movie nights!
Somaar Malik (M4): I smoke cigarettes…. Just kidding, cooking healthy. 

3) Where is the coolest place you’ve seen a well?
Anya McDermott (M1): Mine’s chapel hill, NC. where I went to school bceause we had an old well.
Tom Kuriakose (M2): MIne’s just India. All my aunts uncles and grandparents
Linda Gao (M3): Mine is Iceland. .
Sinthu Ranjan (M4): The ring.
Somaar Malik (M4): Morocco. It’s probably the coolest place.

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