Friday, January 13, 2017

TotW 1/5: Janua II

We just caught Continuity Care Team 32 just before they walked out of clinic for the evening. You see, I wanted to get milkshakes with my team for some team bonding and everyone on Team 32 agreed to snap a pic and then email me their answers. While this may just sound like an excuse to go get shakes, I like to think it highlights 32’s flexibility, ingenuity, and willingness to foster camaraderie among their fellow student doctor teams!

In terms of the title, "Janua" is Latin for "Window." Why is January January then? Well, because it's the window to the new year, of course! So all of this week's questions will be window themed. 

From L to R: Dan Levin (M1), Michelle Linke (M2), Oby Ibe (M3). Not Pictured: Thomas Golden (M4), Tara Henn (M4)

1) What’s your favorite window style? (See figure 1 for reference)
Fig. 1

Daniel Levin (M1): Non-Bar

Michelle Linke (M2): Assymetric

Oby Ibe (M3): True Arch

Tara Henn (M4): Margin

2) Windows or Mac?

Daniel Levin (M1): Mac

Michelle Linke (M2): Mac

Oby Ibe (M3): Mac

Tara Henn (M4): Mac

3) What are the prettiest windows you’ve looked through?

Michelle Linke (M2): Neuschwanstein Castle's bay windows.”

Oby Ibe (M3): “Villanova University church's glass stained windows”

Tara Henn (M4): “The windows of Sainte-Chapelle in Paris”

Can you match each window with each Student Doctor's Answer?


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