Thursday, January 26, 2017

TotW 1/19: MLK Cont'd

We (well mostly just me)  loved the questions from MLK week so much we decided to subject Continuity Care Team 27 to them. They exercised amazing flexibility and patience in being willing to use the interpreter phone for their patient this week!
From L to R: Steve Marabondo (M1), Nabgha Farhat (M3), Neilen Benvegnu (M4). Not Pictured: Ashima Oza (M2), Shriya Venkatesth (M4)

1) Who is your favorite non-violent activist, aside from MLK?

Stephen Marabondo (M1): My man Bernie Sanders!

Nabgha Farhat (M3): Gandhi.

Neilen Benvegnu (M4): Muhammad Ali. Because Malcom X was not non-violent.

2) What is a meaningful volunteer experience you’ve had, besides PC?

Stephen Marabondo(M1): I Organized a trip down to Austin, TX for a developmental disabilities site called Marbridge. They had so many talents that may not be apparent. For example, one guy could identify the number of the fire truck just from the noise of the siren!

Nabgha Farhat (M3): I helped an NGO in Phnom Pen in Cambodia for 6 weeks in an HIV/AIDS Awareness campaign and it was one of the most amazing experiences I've ever had.

Neilen Benvegnu (M4): My fraternity helped a disability awareness program in Princeton and spent the day with those with Down Syndrome.

3) Answer can only be yes or no- is the American Dream a myth?

Stephen Marabondo (M1): No. Simply. No.

Nabgha Farhat (M3): This is almost brutal. I'm going to go with no.

Neilen Benvegnu (M4): Oh, Jeez. This is philosophical. I'm a hopeful guy, I'm going to say no.

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