Thursday, January 19, 2017

TotW 1/12: MLK Day

Given that this past Monday we celebrated MLK day we decided to do some non-violent protest, social justice and volunteerism oriented questions. It strikes close to home given how our clinic runs solely on volunteer power! Continuity Care Team 22 stepped up to the challenge with the following responses:

From L to R: Hetty Cheng (PharmD), Nirav Haribhaktia (M1), Carly Borinsky (M2), Doug Connolly (M3)
1) Who is your favorite non-violent activist, aside from MLK?

All Team: Ghandi!

Hetty Cheng (PharmD): MIchaelle Obama!

2) What is a meaningful volunteer experience you’ve had, besides PC?

Nirav Haribhaktia (M1): “Volunteering at a nursing home and interacting with the elderly patients.”

Carly Borinsky (M2): Tutoring

Doug Connolly (M3): “EMS—and training team 22.”

Hetty Cheng (PharmD): “Volunteering at Children’s Specialized Hospital.”

3) Answer can only be yes or no- is the American Dream a myth?

Nirav Haribhaktia (M1): No

Carly Borinsky (M2): Yes

Doug Connolly (M3): Yes

Hetty Cheng (PharmD): No

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