Tuesday, November 8, 2016

11/1 SCMotW: Late & Spoooky

Keeping with the Halloween past, we’re continuing Steering Committee Member of the Week and asking Gaby Ghobrial, an M3 on Labs, some  familiar sounding spooky questions from our previous Team of the Week. It may be past Halloween, but just look at the picture-- the spooky spirit is strong in Gaby. 
Gaby Ghobrial (M3) on Labs

What was your worst Halloween Costume.

Gaby Ghobrial (M3): “I was a Big Mac when I was 7.”

What’s your favorite fictional monster?

Gaby Ghobrial (M3): “Mike Wazowski!”

What is the best and worst candy from Trick-Or-Treating?

Gaby Ghobrial (M3): “Worst candy is Candy Corn. It’s the most disgusting piece of candy ever. And my favorite Halloween candy? I’m thinking Reece’s. They’re the best kind of candy ever.”

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