Sunday, October 23, 2016

TotW 10/13: Getting to Know You

Sorry for the delay folks, but M1s had their first Anatomy Exam and I wouldn’t want this amazing team to get lost in the chaos of studying!

This week we’re going to take a cue from our team of the week last week and ask their get-to-know you questions. On deck today we have Urgent Care Team 5; they have never been TotW since Deesha was our favorite TotWer last year. They also didn’t have a patient so we might as well give them one win!

From L to R: Emily Livingston (M1), Joe Choy (M4), Jess Bernstein (M3), Deesha Sarma (M2)

Give me two truths and a lie.

Emily Livingston (M1): "1) I’ve luged down the Igor. 2) Adam Levin has kissed me." (Pre-Bahati, Emily insists, she's not a home wreckeri) "3) I don’t like to run." (Emily LOVES to run so 3 is a lie!)

Deesha Sarma (M2): "1) I have never lived outside New Jersey.  2) I was a competitive fencer in high school and  3) I have been been shark cage diving." (1 is the lie, Deesha actually has fenced a shark and won!)"

Jess Bernstein (M3): "1) I’ve been skydiving. 2) I’ve eaten Kangaroo and 3) My favorite food is bacon." (Despite bacon's omnipresent popularity Jess has actually never even had it!)

What’s your spirit animal?

Emily Livingston (M1): Bonobos- “They’re the really peaceful primate species.”

Deesha Sarma (M2): Golden Retriever-- "Not in looks but in personality, definitely."

Jess Bernstein (M3):  “I was going to say a kola, because all they do is eat all day and sleep but I’ll say female hyena.." (Her teammates urged her to pick that one because female hyenas actually run the pack!)

What is your deepest, darkest, fear?

Emily Livingston (M1): The Dark

Deesha Sarma (M2): Snakes and Alzheimer's Disease

Jess Bernstein (M3): "Mayonnaise...And burping."

Good luck on the practical tomorrow M1's! 

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