Thursday, October 6, 2016

9/29 TotW: Friendship

It’s around this time at Promise Clinic that everyone gets to know one another a little bit better. It’s a month in, a lot of interest groups have their reps, everyone’s got some exams under their belts which means even more time for friendship, socializing and social capital building! (Shout-out to my boy Robert Putnam) I know we’re all living that medical school party life.

Since it’s the season for friendship, we’ll all get to know Continuity Care Team 3 a little bit closer. As a matter of fact, add them on the FB, now that you are all so close.  

(Just kidding, don’t do that, I didn’t actually ask them if that was okay.)

From L to R: Sabrina Zeller (M1), Ben Lichtbroun (M2), Steven Shterenberg (M3), Ashley Ulker (M4)

What is your favorite get to know you question?

Sabrina Zeller (M1): What’s your spirit animal?

Ben Lichtbroun (M2): What’s your deepest darkest fear? (Wow, getting real close Ben)

Steven Shterenberg (M3): What’s your spirit animal?

Ashley Ulker (M4): Two truths and a lie

What is the strangest way you’ve made a friend?

Sabrina Zeller (M1): At Perlé (...)

Ben Lichtbroun (M2): “That’s a tough question…”

Steven Shterenberg (M3): At a pickle eating festival. (Would have loved to hear more about that, Steven)

Ashley Ulker (M4): On a rotation.

Who’s your friend you’ve known the longest? How did you meet?

Sabrina Zeller (M1): My high school best friend; we played volleyball together.

Ben Lichtbroun (M2): “My mom, she birthed me, we’re bros.”

Steven Shterenberg (M3):  My big brother's friend (who was a family friend) bullied me. But now I'm the bully's best man!

Ashley Ulker (M4): Ashley met a friend in kindergarten whose wedding she went to last year.

Good luck on your exam, M2’s!

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