Thursday, October 13, 2016

10/6 TotW: Greens, Greens

Did you know that the first Wednesday of October is National Kale Day?

Well if you didn’t, now you do. In honor of the hippest, greenest, healthiest, most fiber-ful vegetable I know of we are bringing you all green (as in the vegetable) themed questions this week. After showing some radiant positivity during clinic, Continuity Care Team 21 has been selected as the October 16th Team of the Week!

From L to R: Felix (Visiting Austrian Resident), Daniel Sharp (MD/PhD), Danielle Glassman (M1), Brian De Palma (M3), Keya Thakkar (M4)
What is your favorite green and why? Examples include Kale, Mustard, Collared, Spinach, Chard, Dandelion, etc.

Danielle Glassman (M1): Spinach

Brian De Palma (M3): Spinach

Keya Thakkar (M4): Spinach (very original)

Daniel Sharp (MD/PhD): “Spinach. Oh, and watermelon jolly ranchers.”

What is something you’re green at (i.e. something you’re new at) ?

Danielle Glassman (M1): “Anatomy! Depends on the day whether I’m learning or flat out bad at it.”

Brian De Palma (M3): Doctoring.

Keya Thakkar (M4): “Having a frown on her face!” Steph interjects. Keya says she’s green at “putting on the EKG machine.”

Daniel Sharp (MD/PhD): “Raising my possibly hipster children.”

If you wanted to have a very hipster child, what would you name it?

Danielle Glassman (M1): “B-Roth”

Brian De Palma (M3): Broöklyn

Keya Thakkar (M4): Rayn

Daniel Sharp (MD/PhD): Quinoa

Felix the Visiting Austrian Resident: Leeo

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