Thursday, September 22, 2016

9/15 TotW: New Beginnings

Howdy everyone, and welcome to another (academic) year at Promise Clinic! With the turn of the year we have a new social media guru (THAT'S ME), and I'm ready to lead you through all the fun, interesting and exciting happenings at Promise Clinic for the coming year. 

Enough about me, it's time to talk about YOU ALL. That's right, YOU in our weekly Team(s) of the Week! We're getting a double dose this round just to start the year off super fresh. Today we have Continuity Care Team 29 and Urgent Care Team 33! This week's theme is ~*~NeW BeGiNnInGs~*~ and The Olympics as we roll out new teams for the new year (get it? It's a stretch)! 

CC Team 29's patient transitioned out of clinic on the 15th, so they are looking at a new beginning of their own in addition to all the new what-have-you's readers can follow along with at home!

From L to R: Benjamin "Benjy" Levin (M2), Jeremy Tang (MD/PhD), Danielle Levin (M3), Morgan Dunn (M1)
What is your favorite animal that undergoes a transformation?

Morgan Dunn (M1): Monarch Butterfly

Benjy Levin (M2): Monarch Butterfly

Danielle Levin (M3): Monarch Butterfly

Jeremy Tang (MD/PhD): Monarch Butterfly

What is your favorite Rutgers Bus? (This question was a Team 29 original!)

Morgan Dunn (M1): "I lived in Philly, so I don't really do buses." (Septa, am I right?) 

Benjy Levin (M2): Rex L

Danielle Levin (M3): "Definitely Rex L. I was sad about that one really inspirational driver that left though..."

Jeremy Tang (MD/PhD): "My favorite bus is definitely the train, specifically the Northeast Corridor."

What are you most excited for this year?

Danielle Levin (M3): "I guess we are excited about a new beginning!"

Benjy Levin (M2): "And fall weather..."

Thanks for the fresh new perspective, CC Team 29! 


Let's not forget about UC Team 33, now. They're the UC Team this week because they worked TIRELESSLY since their UC appointment during August to transition their patient to the primary and specialty care they need. Also, because Jason had a shelf exam the day after their last appointment and still came in for a transition appointment!
Pictured: Leela Biswas (M1) and Jason Feinman (M3). Not pictured: Gus Chang (M2) and Ramya Krishnan (M4)

What is your favorite olympic sport and why?

Leela Biswas (M1): "individual synchronized swimming - I'm not skilled at synchronizing with other people, so it would work for me!"

Gus Chang (M2): "Track and Field - watching fast people run motivates me to do cardio at the gym."

Jason Feinman (M3): "Curling because it gives me hope to be an Olympian...give me a second so I can come up with something witt[ier]" Sorry Jason, time's up. 

What's one thing you love about urgent care?

Leela Biswas (M1): "The variety of patients I get to see."

Gus Chang (M2): "The opportunity to work with different patients every time, hear their stories, and learn about the unique challenges they have in accessing healthcare."

Jason Feinman (M3): "it's a different experience each time!"

Give us a fun fact!

Leela Biswas (M1): "I've taken a picture with Cory Booker!"

Gus Chang (M2): "I have Dr. Paul Farmer's digits!"

Jason Feinman (M3): "I was once re-tweeted by Barack Obama (POTUS) - actually, he also slid into my DMs as well." 

Ramya Krishnan (M4): Got married this summer!

I think after this post, we all feel like gold medalists. 

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