Thursday, May 12, 2016

5/5 ToTW: Mother's Day Edition

We hope everyone is enjoying this glorious weather and - even more importantly - had a wonderful weekend celebrating Mother's Day. This Team of the Week post is in honor of the mothers and maternal figures in our lives who raised us, supported us, and still continue to worry about whether we're getting enough sleep (answer: we're not).

Our 5/5 Team of the Week is Team 21. They've been in clinic to see patients 4 times in the last 2 months. And on 5/5, they served as our replacement Urgent Care team on last minute notice to see a walk-in patient!
From L to R: Ethan Pearlstein (M1, Shadowing from Team 9), Dustin Crystal (M1), Keya Thakkar (M3), Dan Sharp (MD/PhD)

Who is your favorite media/pop culture mother figure? (Mrs. Weasley, Kris Jenner, etc)

Dustin Crystal (M1): The mother of the man who narrates SketchyMicro (Note: SketchyMicro is the program that's helping the M1s pass Microbiology... it's seriously amazing)

Ethan Pearlstein (M1): My own mom – I don’t need any pop mom figure

Dan Sharp (MD/PhD): Mrs. Weasley is pretty bomb…

Keya Thakkar (M3): I second Mrs. Weasley – she’s my fave!

How are you celebrating Mother’s Day? What’s one thing you want to tell your mom (free publicity via the PC blog!)

Dustin Crystal (M1): Love you Mom! [heart emoji]

Ethan Pearlstein (M1): Going out to dinner with my family. My mom is the best!

Dan Sharp (MD/PhD): I will be taking care of the mother of my children. I want to tell her thanks for all the support!

Keya Thakkar (M3): I’m going to make brunch for my mom, and I want to tell her that she is awesome!

Fun fact!

Dustin Crystal (M1): I’m going to Mexico for a week, and I’m going to ask my doctor for prophylactic antibiotic for E. Coli ETEC.

Ethan Pearlstein (M1): I’m going to Spain this summer. I will not be taking ETEC prophylaxis. 

Dan Sharp (MD/PhD): I write a comic online – read it! Demon Archives @ I also have an adorable toddler and a baby on the way!

Keya Thakkar (M3): I’m double jointed!

Congrats Team 21 and thank you for all your hard work and invested time on behalf of clinic! But we're going to have agree with Kevin Durant accepting the NBA 2014 MVP Award -- our moms are the real MVPs #weloveourmoms

- PC

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