Thursday, May 5, 2016

4/28 ToTW: Team 24 + Marathon recognition!

We're pulling double duty with our weekly recognition of Promise Clinic student doctors!

First up, we have our regularly scheduled Team of the Week. Our ToTW for 4/28 was Team 24. Team 24 was a motley crew, featuring two members (Brian and Emma) as well as an M3 from Team 38 who hopped on to help (Sinthu) and an M1 from Urgent Care Team 6 who was shadowing (Veda).

From L to R: Brian Foster (M2), Veda Pejaver (M1), Emma Rogers (M1), Sinthu Ranjan (M3)

Congratulations, Team 24(/38/6)!

Congratulations are also due to two Promise Clinic Student Doctors who ran the NJ Marathon this past Sunday. No, that is not a typo.... they ran a MARATHON. All 26.2 miles. AND in the rain, no less.

Caroline Kwon (M1) and Jackie Baron (M1)
So if you see Caroline Kwon (UC Team 23 and Promise Clinic Scheduler) or Jackie Baron (Team 4) around, let them know how awesome (and crazy) they are!

- PC

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