Tuesday, April 26, 2016

RWJMS Scholarship Recipients

As you know, we love galas here at Promise Clinic. The 6th Annual RWJMS Scholarship Gala was held on April 9, 2016 and recognized exceptional medical students who received scholarships. Several of these students are members of Promise Clinic and we would be remiss not to recognize them and congratulate them on their achievements! 

Promise Clinic members include: 
  • Dustin Crystal (M1) - Student Doctor, Team 21
  • Mitch DeVita (M1) - Student Doctor, Team 40 
  • Christina Han (M1) - Co-Chair, Pharmacy Steering Committee
  • Brian De Palma (M2) - Student Doctor, Team 21 
  • Marissa Falkiewicz (M2) - Manager, Operations Steering Committee
  • Mackenzie Neumaier (M2) - Student Doctor, Urgent Care Team 6
  • Heather McGowan (MD/PhD) - Student Doctor, Team 42
  • Jaclyn Portelli (M3) - Student Doctor, Team 20
Congratulations everyone!!

- Promise Clinic 

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