Sunday, April 10, 2016

Results of Promise Clinic Patient Satisfaction Survey

Hot off the presses!! The Promise Clinic Quality Improvement (QI) Committee recently released the results of their IRB-approved Patient Satisfaction survey.

We want to share the results with you all to not only illustrate the ways we have been able to positively impact our patient population -- but also to highlight areas for improving patient care.

Survey details

Our QI team interviewed 21 Promise Clinic patients between April - May 2015 using a standardized questionnaire and analyzed the results (see below). 

They presented their methodology and results at the Society of Student-Run Free Clinics annual conference in Phoenix in January 2016. Here's a pic of our rockstar QI team at the conference, along with Dr. Karen Lin (Promise Clinic Faculty Advisor and Principal Investigator the study): 

Dr. Karen Lin (Faculty Advisor), Kiersten Frenchu (M3), Stephanie Mischell (M3), and Nikhil Yegya-Raman (M2)

Survey results


  • On average, patients rated their overall experience with Promise Clinic as 4.7 out of 5
  • 100% of patients feel they are being treated with respect by everyone at clinic, believe their team is a good fit for them, and understand what their student doctors are doing and why
  • 95% trust that Promise Clinic will get them their medications quickly and inexpensively
  • 85% have been educated by their team on nutrition, diabetes, hypertension, weight loss, and their own medical condition


  • 33% of patients believe their time is being wasted at some point during a clinic visit
    • How we're addressing this area:
      • We have been piloting a new smartphone app that streamlines the process of presenting to attendings and cuts down waiting times
      • Our MSW students now come in to talk to the patient while the team is out of the room and assist them in gaining access to resources and services
  • 66% of patients are not aware of options for their healthcare apart from the Eric B. Chandler Health Center
    • How we're addressing this area:
      • We kickstarted a Medicaid enrollment initiative and have now screened and spoken to 100% of our patients about Medicaid eligibility and additional options for accessing healthcare
We are always looking for ways to improve and provide our patients with an even better healthcare experience -- so welcome your feedback! Please email us at with any thoughts, comments, or suggestions.


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