Thursday, April 14, 2016

4/7 Team of the Week: Team 25

Team 25 is upping the ante as Team of the Week by taking their own ToTW picture! Here's how shocked/surprised/ecstatic they were after learning that they were Team of the Week:

From L to R: Sang Hoon Kim (M2), Kimberly Lynch (M3), and Kristen Raphel (M1)

What's the best prank you've ever pulled? 

Kristen Raphel (M1): I put feminine pads in a guy friend's car

Sang Hoon Kim (M2): I don’t pull pranks

Kimberly Lynch (M3): In field day during high school, one of my guy friend's pied me and a friend with whipped cream pies. He came running behind us out of the blue! We had to go back home on the bus smelling of rotten dairy.

What's the best prank that's ever been pulled on you? 

Kristen Raphel (M1): When I was an EMT, people got into my ambulance and turned on all the light and siren switches -- and everything went off when I turned on the ambulance with a patient inside

Sang Hoon Kim (M2): I don’t get pranked

Kimberly Lynch (M3): I made brownies with ketchup, salad dressing, and other condiments in them for the same friend that pulled the whipped cream pie prank on me….

Who is your celebrity crush? 

Kristen Raphel (M1), Sang Hoon Kim (M2), Kimberly Lynch (M3)DR. WOODBURY

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