Thursday, April 21, 2016

4/14 Team of the Week: Team 37

Team of the Week for April 14th is Team 37! (Full Disclosure: They were actually ToTW back in the fall, but a certain negligent PC Social Media person failed to put them up on the blog....) 

Only 2 out of the 4 team members could make it to the appointment, but that didn't bother Team 37 -- as you can see, they're perfectly fine hanging out by themselves. 

From L to R (and also R to L, depending on which side of the picture you're looking at): Pooja Pendri (M1), RJ Luraschi (M3)

In honor of Tax Day this past Monday, we went with $$$$$ themed questions:

What are you doing with your tax return? 

Pooja Pendri (M1): Paying my electric bill 

RJ Luraschi (M3): What tax return? (The IRS is after me...)

Which famous person would you want to audit? 

Pooja Pendri (M1): Kanye & Kim Kardashian West

RJ Luraschi (M3): Donald Trump, because he's up to no good 

Fun fact

Pooja Pendri (M1): My family is the ONLY Pendri's in the US

RJ Luraschi (M3): I've been in the Mardi Gras parade 

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