Thursday, April 7, 2016

3/31 ToTW Netflix and Chill Edition: Team 3

This week is our NETFLIX AND CHILL edition, so you know what that means....

Favorite Netflix shows and coldest places ever visited, obviously!

Our Netflix & Chill ToTW is Team 3. They spent the vast majority of academic year without a patient, then came in on 3 consecutive weeks for 2 new patients. 

And not only that: they came in on for their 3/31 visit on super short notice (1.5 days!!!) AND on the day of med school prom. #missedprompics #dedication

From L to R: Steven Shterenberg (M2), Kristin Bonello (M4), Ben Lichtbroun (M1), Ashley Ulker (M3)

What is your favorite new show/season on Netflix (Jan2016 or newer)?

Ben Lichtbroun (M1): I literally watch nothing on Netflix [translation: I am very, very productive with my time.]

Ashley Ulker (M3): I watch documentaries on Netflix…is that nerdy? Actually I watched the Howard Stern movie yesterday…is that weird?

Kristin Bonello (M4): I don’t watch any of the new shows…but I really like Forensic Files!

What is the coldest place you have ever visited?

Ben Lichtbroun (M1): 
Alaska (everywhere that’s important – Juneau and other places)

Ashley Ulker (M3): Upstate New York

Kristin Bonello (M4): Iceland

What went through your mind when you saw the urgent email asking you to come in for a new patient on 36 hours notice?

Ben Lichtbroun (M1): Great…more clinical experience! [translation: Damn…when am I going to get ready for formal?]

Ashley Ulker (M3): Thank God I can make it this time!

Kristin Bonello (M4): There’s nowhere else I’d rather be on a Thursday! Plus I have to come in anyway!

Fun fact! 

Ben Lichtbroun (M1): I spent a summer in the Himalayan mountains in India! 

Ashley Ulker (M3): My mom made me belly dance in front of my kindergarten class…

Kristin Bonello (M4): I rode an ostrich, I cage-dived with great white sharks, and I did the world’s highest bungee jump (in South Africa) - take your pick.

Team 3, setting the ToTW bar very high -- congrats guys!

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