Thursday, February 4, 2016

1/28 Team of the Week: Team 38

Last night was the 4th Annual MED Talks, the RWJMS spin on the ever-popular TED Talks. It was an inspiring event featuring faculty and student speakers, including our very own PC Steering Committee members Marissa Falkiewicz (Ops) and Devon O'Brien (Pharmacy) and PC Student Doctor Jessica Bernstein (Urgent Care Team 5).

Marissa (L) and Devon (R) in action, with Devon partially obscured by someone's head :(

Our Team of the Week spotlight and interview continues in the spirit of MED Talks. Check out those poses! V nice, Team 38.

From L to R: Steve Mennona (M4), Eli Cadoff (M2), Rosaline Ma (M1)
If you could pick any person, dead or living, to give a MED Talk at RWJ, who would you pick?

Rosaline Ma (M1): Popeye

Eli Cadoff (M2): Roald Dahl

Steve Mennona (M4): Hippocrates

If you had the chance to give a MED Talk, what would be the title of your talk?

Rosaline Ma (M1):
 "From the Bottom of the Rollercoaster"

Eli Cadoff (M2): "Ahead of the Power Curve"

Steve Mennona (M4): "Going the Distance"

Would definitely listen to any of those talks (especially if Steve had "Go the Distance" from Hercules playing in the background during his). If you want to hear MED Talks from this or any previous year, they will be posted here.

- PC

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