Thursday, January 28, 2016

The Promise Clinic Tim Satty Team of the Week Award: Team 13

The winner of the first and only Tim Satty Team of the Week Award is...Team 13! Featuring Rebecca Simon (M1), Grace Lee (M2), and the man himself - Tim Satty (M4), who subbed in after Team 13 was scheduled for a last-minute appointment and neither the M3 nor M4 were able to make it. Not only that, but this trio whizzed through their appointment in under an hour!

From L to R: Rebecca Simon (M1), Grace Lee (M2), Tim Satty (M4, subbing from UC Team 5) 

If you could name the next big snowstorm, what would you name it?

Rebecca Simon (M1): Arsenis. He was a teacher I had in high school that made people cry all the time.

Grace Lee (M2): Bradford. I just thought of that name.

Tim Satty (M4): Hermann

What is your favorite munchkin flavor? 

Rebecca Simon (M1): Blueberry

Grace Lee (M2): Chocolate glazed

Tim Satty (M4): Chocolate glazed

Congratulations Tim + Team 13!

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