Thursday, January 21, 2016

Team of the Week 1/14/16: Team 20

The M1s had their heart and lung physical (practice) exam yesterday! In honor of that milestone, the Team of the Week is Team 20: the M2, M3, and M4 all stayed late after clinic last Thursday to help the two M1s master the physical exam.

Here they are in action:

From L to R: Carolyn Ochoa (M4), Joan Chen (M1), Jaclyn Portelli (M3), Veda Pejaver (M1), Akash Patel (M2)
This dedication to sharing the learning and helping out fellow team members is what makes Promise Clinic so special. Congrats team 20! Check out their winter-themed interview below:

Choose one:
Gloves/mittens | Hot chocolate/eggnog | Skiing/Snowboarding/Other

Joan (M1): Gloves. Need that dexterity | Hot chocolate | Skiing

Veda (M1): Mittens because they're cute | Hot chocolate | Skiing

Akash (M2): Gloves | Hot chocolate | Snow tubing. I don't know how to do the others

Jaclyn (M3): Gloves | Eggnog | Snowboarding

Carolyn (M4): Gloves | Hot chocolate | Snowboarding

What is the lowest temperature in which you could survive, and why? 

Joan (M1): 70 degrees. I don't really like the cold

Veda (M1): Realistically I could survive in pretty cold temperatures, maybe the level of cold that would reach Boston. But nothing more north than that!

Akash (M2): 30 degrees. I don't mind the winter. Snow is good

Jaclyn (M3): 50 degrees. I went to school in Boston so I'm tired of the cold!

Carolyn (M4): 65 degrees. I have no cold tolerance

Well, regardless of what Team 20's answers were, looks like we are all going to have to deal with some pretty cold temperatures and LOTS of snow this weekend! Hope everyone stays safe and warm - with lots of hot chocolate and eggnog, of course.


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