Tuesday, October 6, 2015

Team of the Week October 1st: Team 39

Our team of the week has not four, not five, but SIX members. 

Check them out:

Just kidding, that's a kpop band. But Team 39 has some pretty good poses too.

Top row, L to R: JoAnn Mathew (M4), Hetal Ray (M2), Matt Cichocki (M3)
Bottom row, L to R: Aixa Navia (M3), Katherine Manuelli (M4), Sahil Khanna (M1)
We checked in with Team 39 to get their thoughts on all things Promise Clinic and music-related -  think of us as the RWJMS Ryan Seacrest.

Why do you like being a part of Promise Clinic? 

Katherine (M4): I love being a part of Promise Clinic because it allows me to meet first and second year students. Our team is rather large, but that makes it all the more fun because more teaching can take place during visits. Our patient was very kind and tolerated multiple cranial nerve exams last week! It's a special team to be a part of.

Hetal (M2): It was wonderful to see our goal of educating patients come to life. This past week, our patient was teaching our new first year tricks and tips about the physical exam. Spread knowledge!

Sahil (M1): I enjoy the continuity of care aspect of Promise Clinic because it allows us to establish a relationship with a patient and build upon that relationship throughout medical school. I look forward to gaining more knowledge in clinic that I can later teach down the road to future medical students.

JoAnn (M4): Promise Clinic is a great organization to be a part of because it allows medical students to give back to our community, learn clinical skills, and work together as a team. I've really enjoyed getting to know our patient over the years and teaching other students.

Who's your favorite boy/girl band?

Sahil (M1): I really like Linkin Park and my favorite song is In the End.

JoAnn (M4): N Sync was the best boy band because Justin Timberlake was in it.

Hetal (M2): The Backstreet Boys are my one desire. For many reasons but most notably, they taught me that I should repeatedly ask "why" (my parents will attest to this).

Congrats Team 39! Check back in soon for our next TotW. 

- PC 

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