Wednesday, August 12, 2015

Team of the Week July 16th- Team 38

Heeeeey ya'll!

As you all know (since you also follow us on facebook), WE'VE REACHED OVER 10,000 VIEWS! How exciiiiiiting! We'll just pat ourselves on the back here for a second..............

Okay, so now that the self-praise is done, let's talk about the thing you really want to know! Team of the week for July 16th was Team 38! 

And here are their beautiful, shining faces:

(Joseph Ho and Sinthu Ranjan)

As you know we asked them some questions.....I mean 10,000 views?! If it ain't broke don't fix it (that's what they say right?)

If you HAD to choose, would you pick Britney or Christina?

Sinthu (M3)- "Christina! She had me from genie in a bottle! Sorry Britney"

Joseph (M4)- "Christina—she never had that crazy shaved-head phase."

Poor Britney!!! We hope this doesn't cause her to have another mental breakdown when she sees this....

What has Promise Clinic taught you about yourself as a future physician?

Sinthu- "Promise Clinic has taught me that continuity of care is something I value, enjoy, and am looking for in my future career!"

Joseph- "It has taught me that having continuity with a patient really matters. If they know you well and can expect to see you consistently, they will show up consistently. If they do not really know you or do not see you often, patients are more likely to flake on you. Having a good and consistent relationship with a patient really makes a difference in terms of their long-term overall healthcare."

Two things we've learned from this team: Christina>Britney (personally I'm shocked) and continuity of care matters (definitely not shocked)! It is so important to our patients to consistently see their team in order for them to feel comfortable coming to our clinic. This is why Promise Clinic values our continuity model so highly. 

Keep up the amazing work everyone, your hard work and dedication truly amazes us.

A piĆ¹ tardi,

xoxo Promise Clinic

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