Thursday, August 13, 2015

Clinic Spotlight: Marissa Falkiewicz

If you haven’t heard, our Blog just reached 10,000 views, and we couldn’t be more excited! While you’ve learned a lot about Promise Clinic, our committees, and our Student Doctors, there’s one person who’s existence is shrouded in mystery—Marissa Falkiewicz!

Marissa lookin' super professional.
Marissa is the mastermind behind the blog, and her lighthearted prose has given The Promise Clinic a unique and truly inspiring voice. In addition to her responsibilities on Operations as Scheduler, she runs not only our blog, but also our Instagram and our Facebook. As the faithful followers* of the blog, we have come to grow curious about the woman behind it all. We interviewed all the members of Operations about Marissa, and here’s what they had to say…

Ila: “Marissa's personality is like her hair colors - vibrant, and just so uniquely Marissa. She brings an enormous positive energy and perfection to everything she does. I would pick her first in gym class 100% of the time.”
Alexa: “Her humor and wit is beyond entertaining; it's no surprise under her supervision we have captured the eyes of many. In all quests she undergoes she puts nothing less than 110 percent. Even when she only half listens when I talk sometimes, I'll forgive her because apparently the blogging paid off.”
Ila (center) and Alexa (right) love hanging out with Marissa.
Jimmy: “If I had a dollar for every time I thought of how awesome she is, I would be able to pay off all of our med school debt!”

Christine: “Most devoted human ever. Amazing good-looks. Killer style.”

Sanjay: “Who’s Marissa, again?”
Jimmy and Christine show their love
for our Beloved.
Marissa posing with a wax figure of
Ramya: “She is so motivated and hardworking and I am so inspired by how she works well with everyone on steering committee. Really, I can’t be more happy to know that Promise Clinic gets to grow with her help.” 
Lindsay: “Her prowess at social media is only rivaled by the majesty of her hair. Her posts have reminded me of how proud I am to be part of such an organization.”

Kristin: "Promise Clinic is only as good as the people who are involved and, with Marissa on our team, our clinic can truly be great. She has put in so much work as our social media guru- as you can see with our 10,000 view milestone! Thank you to everyone who has supported us, and a big thank you to Marissa!"

Steph: "Over the past year, Marissa has dedicated her time and effort to promoting Promise Clinic: giving kudos to its student-doctor teams, community partners, and steering committee members. So I'm very pleased to have a chance to acknowledge the extraordinary work that Marissa has accomplished.
"Marissa has played a vital role in improving clinic operations, recruitment, and patient relations. Additionally, she has brought her hilarious voice and sharp eye to Promise Clinic's Facebook, Instagram, and new steering committee blog, and revitalized a venue through which students, health professionals, and community members can interface with what makes Promise Clinic truly special. She's a part of the Community Gardening project at Shiloh Gardens (New Brunswick, NJ), a Rutgers-funded initiative which shares gardening skills, artistic expression, and the importance of nutrition with the clients of Elijah's Promise. Also, she is active in maintaining an interdisciplinary partnership with Pharmacy School.
"When you meet Marissa in person, the first impression that you get is that she's all smiles. The next time you meet her, you realize her happiness derives from her genuine, earnest care directed to those around her. Promise Clinic is truly lucky to have Marissa on its team and I look forward to her future work! (Also, I just love being around her because she makes me laugh ALL THE TIME)"

I couldn't find any pictures of Marissa with the Directors,
so here are some pictures from her Childhood #invasive.

We also reached out to Marissa’s family for quotes. Her Dog, Sadie, was the only one who responded:
Sadie: “Woof Woof.” I don’t speak dog, but I’m pretty sure that means 'I love Marissa, she’s the best.'
Best friends indeed.
Week-to-week, Marissa poses quirky questions to our student doctors in an effort to get to know them better, and we thought we attempt to mimic it… but she doesn’t know that this post is going up so we can’t ask her these questions. However, as Marissa’s best friend**, I feel equipped to answer these questions on her behalf.  We’ve selected some of the more popular questions from our archives and answered them as though Marissa (probably) would. Marissa, if you're reading this... tell me how I did.

If you could switch places with anyone alive today for just one day, who would it be and why?
Easy... Marissa is OBSESSED with the life and style of Chrissy Teigen. I mean they're pretty similar already. Don't fight me on this one.
If you could break a world record, what would it be?
Most times visiting Taco Bell in one day. This chick lives for the bell.
Which Beyoncé song most closely relates to your life?
"XO" Marissa signs all (non-professional) emails with her signature -xoxo. This song would be very fitting.
What was the best day of your life? 
Hopefully, today, when she reads this blog post and realizes how much she is valued and how much everyone loves her.

Congratulations Marissa on reaching 10K views. Keep up the good work. We appreciate all you do for *~PromClin~* 

*There are dozens of us. Dozens!
**Self Proclaimed.

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