Friday, July 17, 2015

Team of the Week May 21st- Team 29

Hello all!

This week we're here to talk about May 21st's Team of the Week- Team 29! Awkward since it's now July 17th.... Gosh guys I've been busy okay?!

Here is a picture of this lovely team:

(From left to right: Jeremy Tang, Sakina Attaar, and Adam Khan)

As you know, we have super busy and stellar volunteers who work at the Promise Clinic, so we have responses from one lovely member of the team.

What do you like best about Promise Clinic?

Sakina (M4)- "PC has continuity and an awesome culture of teaching and learning. Our team has been seeing one patient over the past few years and we have seen the progression of common diseases that we often do not get to see. As student doctors we learn a lot about the different barriers our patients encounter in accessing quality care and maintaining healthy lifestyles as well. Our team also began seeing a newer patient and establishing care, so in terms of exposure, PC has been really great. PC allows us to take more ownership of our patients than most sites and there is a team based approach to treating our patients. I was mentored by outstanding seniors who are now residents/physicians and I hope to help mold the M1s and M2s (while still in medical school--which is pretty unique) into fantastic doctors as well!"

If you could switch places with anyone alive today for just one day, who would it be and why?

Sakina- "It would be interesting to be the POTUS. Learn all the secrets the history channel keeps making episodes about. Be able to speak to and influence other leaders around the world and have a chance to meet some of the brightest minds of our generation. Propose crazy plans and see how congress reacts (or doesn't). Write stuff on twitter and have a global audience. Actually, I would spend most of my time traveling and just meeting new and interesting people! Guess you don't have to be president to do that..."

Thank you Sakina for your honest answers! And to the rest of the team- kudos on the win! 

Until later this weekend (hopefully),

xoxo Promise Clinic

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