Wednesday, July 22, 2015

Team of the Week July 2nd- Team 30

Hello everyone!

I would like to start off this blog post by apologizing for my recent transgressions. I didn't post this past weekend again like I said I would. The last team of the week was from MAY 21ST for goodness sake. Naturally, I'm going to put the blame somewhere else and say that this happened because all the OTHER people in clinic kept giving it to people who already won, and I'm trying not to bore you here, ya know?

Now that I'm done placing the blame on someone else, I'll tell you a little bit about July 2nd's TotW. They're pretty, they're cool; they dominate this school!! Bring it on, anyone??? No? Awkward. Okay well here's their picture:

(From left to right: Alexandra Tabakin, Gaby Ghobrial and Suzanne Elshafey)

Wow Gaby that is a serious over-the-shoulder pose...ok ok I know I'm not fooling anyone. Here's the real story, Gaby was busy so we had the rest of the team take a picture with the back of his head. Gaby was not happy. Blogmaster decided a poor photoshop job was the trick to making everyone happy (aka using word and hastily cropping a picture of his head). Don't be mad at us.

Anyway, here are a few questions we asked this lovely team:

Dogs or cats and why?

Gaby (M2)- "'s best friend and I'm a man." Good to know Gaby, good to know

Alexandra (M3)- "Dogs because I hate cats". It's a harsh world out there people

Suzanne (M4)- "Dogs- I had a dog growing up and they are the most loving and self-less animals." Wow. Just wow. 

I mean can ya blame them? Look at that face!

What impact has Promise Clinic had on your life?

M2 Gaby- "Promise Clinic humbles me and reminds me to serve the underserved community wherever I go".

M3 Alexandra- "I truly feel like I've been able to connect with my patient.  I've known him for two years now, and we have an amazing bond."

M4 Suzanne- "Promise Clinic has served as a great reminder of why I chose medicine, especially during the first two years of medical school when you're otherwise immersed in books. Our team has been fortunate enough to have the same wonderful patient since my first year so it's been an amazing opportunity to provide continuity of care!"

Gosh aren't they just wonderful?! Thank you all for your hard work and dedication to your patient! 

Well, you know how this goes. 

We must bid you adieu,

xoxo Promise Clinic

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