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People of the Week April 23rd- Steering Committee Managers

Hi everyone!

I hope you all are having a great "summer"! Although it does not technically count for those working, M4's, M3's, M2's, and most M1's doing research......and the weather hasn't really been nice.....well anyway....

For the week of April 23rd (I know, I know, it's June) we're featuring some of the greatest people of all time, Christine Tolias, Jimmy Lin and Sanjay Jumani, our PC Steering Committee Operations Managers. No joke. The jury is still out but they are indeed in the running for the "Greatest of all Time". As soon as we know the results, we'll let you know.

Since the jury is just me (prestige is extremely high), the jury decided to award them with the "Greatest of all Time" award! Not only because of their stunning beauty, Exhibit A:

(From left to right: Jimmy Lin, Sanjay Jumani, and Christine Tolias)

But also because of their extreme wit and just overall awesomeness, Exhibit B:

What makes your job at PC so important to you?

Prepare to be amazed by how awesome they are..........

Jimmy Lin- "As part of operations, it is our job to carry the mission and vision of Promise Clinic. I was given this opportunity by my peers and I work to the best of my ability to ensure that they are getting the experience they deserve and that our patients are getting the best healthcare we can offer. My passion is driven by what PC stands for and knowing that I can help mold the growth of PC for future classes."

Sanjay Jumani- "Promise Clinic is one of the most incredible organizations I have ever worked with. It’s commitment to patient care, excellence in student education, and mission to serve the community really sets it apart from other clinical experiences that medical students usually have. To be able to coordinate different aspects of clinic has allowed me to find interesting ways to promote ideas and unique perspectives when working with other people—and that’s the best part. Working with everyone on Steering Committee as well as all the Student Doctors has allowed me to meet brilliant minds and understand how peoples strengths can truly complement one another to make a wholesome system."

Christine Tolias- "I love Promise Clinic because it allows me the opportunity to be a part of a community of people who all care a ton about making the patient experience better, about advancing medical student education, and about giving back to the New Brunswick community.  As a manager, I am lucky enough to work closely with three of the (in my opinion, best) subcommittees at clinic, Education, Communications, and Specialty Care.  These committees are made up of brilliant people with excellent insight about how to make clinic better and I am learning a ton from working with them.  I also love being a part of operations as I get a hands on job which allows me to be at clinic frequently working in an environment where I get a lot of time talking to patients and helping to improve the efficiency of clinic flow.  Being a part of PC is definitely my favorite part of medical school."

CHILLS PEOPLE CHILLS. You can see why we gave them the award, no?

If you could be a part of any tv friend group, which would it be and why? 

Jimmy- "I know it's not a TV show, but I want to be part of the Plastics in Mean Girls. Why? Because I want to wear pink on Wednesdays!" 

Sanjay- "I’ve always pictured myself as one of the quintessential FRIENDS; I’ve watched every episode at least 5 times, possibly more, and it’s always hard for me to figure out which “friend” I am. I’m not hilarious enough to be Chandler, not nerdy enough to be Ross, or flirtatious enough to be Joey. I’d probably say that I’m the Rachel among my friends because I’ve adopted the whole, “ya live and ya learn” dogma in my early 20s. … and, my most recent haircut inspired a whole generation." We feel ya Sanjay....we saw your last haircut and even we were tempted!! 

Christine- "If I could be a part of any tv friend group it would probably be Gossip Girl because let’s face it, their clothes are amazing."

I mean, c'mon people I OBVIOUSLY HAD TO GIVE THEM THE AWARD OK. I'm not biased at all. Nope. Ok glad we established that. 

As you know, we'll be back erratically, but for now I must bid you adieu,

xoxo Promise Clinic

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