Wednesday, June 3, 2015

PC Superstars May 14th- Adam & Carolyn

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I bet you are super delighted to hear from me so soon after my last post! You're welcome!

As you know, all of our student doctors are exceptional human beings, as I've mentioned countless times. This week, we're highlighting two student doctors who went above and beyond the call of duty for Promise Clinic as our "Team" of the Week. When no members of a team could make it to their appointment, they stepped in to see the patient so they would not have to wait to see their team! Kudos!

Just take a look at these beautiful people and their amazing doctoring techniques: 

(Left to right: Adam Khan and Carolyn Ochoa)

Since we are a creature of habit, we asked them a few (aka 2) questions: 

Why do you care about Promise Clinic’s success?

Adam- "One of my main reasons for coming to medical school was to do my part in serving the underserved with an emphasis on health education. With cultural roots in Pakistan, I’ve witnessed a lack of health literacy and access to proper care dictate the lives of one too many people. When I first learned of Promise Clinic, I saw it as an opportunity to be part of a change that I had for so long devoted myself to. The Promise Clinic initiative is a stepping stone toward something great- Promise Clinic's continued success secures service to a population of people whom might otherwise fall subject to an avoidable fate."

Carolyn- "Promise Clinic provides healthcare to the underserved community who otherwise may not be able to see a doctor or afford their medications.  I grew up in a similar background and without health insurance it's difficult to afford doctor visits, so that's why it's so important for me to see Promise Clinic succeed and help as many people in the community as possible."

What is one thing you couldn’t possibly live without and why?

Adam- "My family and friends. I can’t imagine going through life without other people to share it with. Every beautiful moment and incredible experience each new day has to offer would be stripped of its value if I was going this path alone. Without my loved ones, I honestly do not know how far I’d have made it. But check me on out now- I made it to Team of the Week! (;" We're glad you realize how prestigious this award is!

Carolyn- "I tend to treat myself with chocolate while on study breaks so that's something I wouldn't want to live without." Hey- you deserve that chocolate you eat as much as you want!!! 

Well there ya have it! It's no wonder these two took time out of their day to help another team- it looks like they are both very passionate about our community and Promise Clinic's mission! 

Thank you again for being your awesome selves.

xoxo Promise Clinic

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