Tuesday, March 10, 2015

Team of the Week February 26th- Team 40

Hello loyal PC fans!

Low and behold, we're finally back on Team of the Week track! After many weeks of being perpetually behind, I'm happy to say we've finally caught up (it may be due to the snow day but hey- let's just pretend I did this on my own).

This week we'd like to introduce you to our newest Team of the Week- Team 40! I feel like lately we've been straying from the run-of-the-mill group photo....and they've been getting more adorable each time:

(From left to right: Michael Weintraub, Gloria Gerber and John Dutton)

Because we here at PC are creatures of habit, we asked them a few questions: 

Which "FRIEND" are you (like ya know, from the show FRIENDS....)?

John Dutton (M1)- "Chandler". 

Michael Weintraub (M2)- "Now that I've watched 5 seasons straight since it appeared on Netflix, I've concluded I identify most with Marcel." (yes, that is Ross's monkey if you weren't sure) 

What is your favorite thing about Promise Clinic?

M1 John- "Giving back to those in need in our community and forming great relationships with patients!" 

M2 Michael- "Being able to make a difference in a patient's life who couldn't otherwise receive proper care. That is why I came to medical school after all!"

Team 40-----you are great! We love that you truly enjoy what you do here at PC and we and the community appreciate the care you provide for the underserved in New Brunswick.

Hopefully we won't get behind again,

xoxo Promise Clinic

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