Monday, March 2, 2015

Team of the Week February 19th- Team 9

Hello again!

You're probably wondering why I'm posting again so soon....well I'm behind on my posts. I'm also behind on my actual school work too, but I'd hate to disappoint y'all. My PCM instructor won't notice I haven't sent him an amazing reflection in a while (also, I really don't want to do work right now).

Without further ado, I'm going to introduce Team 9 to you all again. Yes, they have won Team of the Week before, but c'mon, we have to give credit where credit's due. And this team is just about as good as it gets. Here are these beautiful people + special guest Thomas (yes, they're that great that they took in an orphan for the night):

(From left to right: Christopher Massa, Christiaan de Vries, Becca Gaffney, Sana Ahmad, Thomas O'Brien and Sanjay Jumani)

I knew you were all probably SOOO disappointed the last time they were featured since we didn't include everyone (response rate was low). Don't you worry, we cornered them at clinic and wouldn't let them leave without telling us a little about themselves.

What is your favorite condiment?

Christiaan (M4)- "Hoisin sauce"

Sana (PhD2)- "Sriracha"

Christopher (M3)- "BBQ Sauce"

Sanjay (M2)- "Old Bay" (not exactly a condiment but I guess I'll let it slide since I didn't notice 'til now)

Thomas (M2)- "Honey Mustard"

Becca (M1)- "Sriracha"

What do you love about Promise Clinic?

M3 Christopher- "While I was in between second and third year, this was the only patient care experience I had and I like the continuity of care. I also love that Sanjay knows everything we need to do now."

M2 Sanjay- "I like getting dressed up on Thursdays, and I like telling people what to do."

M4 Christiaan- "I like being told what to do."

M1 Becca- "I like being told what not to do."

PhD2 Sana- "These goofballs!"

M2 Thomas- "Being able to mooch off other teams!"

They are just SO FUNNY. Now I bet you can understand why they were Team of the Week again huh?! **SWOON**

Well they weren't Team of the Week for that reason but hey, they're still funny! Thanks for providing your patient with great care and showing them that you truly enjoy working with them.

That ends yet another A+ blog post if I do say so myself.

xoxo Promise Clinic

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