Sunday, March 1, 2015

Team of the Week February 12th- Team 27

Happy Sunday everyone! 

We would like to extend our warmest (pun intended on this cold day) congratulations to our Team of the Week for February 12th- Team 27 and Rachel! They came into Promise Clinic that day determined to be Team of the Week and they left victorious. 

They had their game faces on all the way to the picture when they decided to lighten the mood back up and show us their pearly whites: 

(From left to right: Joann Dekis, Nabgha Farhat, Shriya Venkatesh, and Rachel DeBerardinis; not pictured but present for the appointment: Sana Kathawala)

Andddd we asked them a few questions:

If you weren't in medical school, what career would you be pursuing?

M3 Shriya Venkatesh: "I would be pursuing being a sommelier."

M1 Rachel DeBerardinis: "Cheesemonger."

M1 Nabgha Farhat: "I would most likely be pursuing an interest in design - I’m not sure in what form. But I did have an etsy store once, through which I sold some original work. Maybe I would be working on that full time! I don’t know, it’s hard to imagine!"

Why did you sign up for Promise Clinic?

M3 Shriya: "To be able to give back to the community and help those who don't otherwise have access to primary care."

M1 Rachel: "To be able to work with other RWJ students to provide healthcare for people who otherwise couldn't afford it."

M1 Nabgha: "I decided to become a student doctor because I was drawn to the idea of delivering continuous patient care within the underserved population in New Brunswick. I get to work with a dedicated, supportive team of upperclassmen who are more than willing to share insights that they have gathered over the years. PC also gives me the opportunity, as an M1, to become familiar with a clinic setting and understand what goes on behind the scenes of a patient visit. "

As with all of our teams, you guys are amazing! Congrats on receiving this coveted title. 

xoxo Promise Clinic

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