Monday, February 16, 2015

Promise Clinic Fundraiser- Lip Sync Battle

Upcoming Event: Lip Sync Battle

Description: Have you ever watched one of Jimmy Kimmel's Lip Sync Battles? ( It's really worth it-trust me. Promise Clinic's Lip Sync Battle will be similar, but instead of beautiful celebrities, we decided it would be fun with beautiful medical students. In this head to head competition, individuals from different colleges can compete to win the obviously prestigious title of LIP SYNC CHAMP (right up on the CV next to your step1 score TBH). But don't feel limited! If your BFF is in another college and you really, really want to do your skit with them, fear not! Winning teams with those of different colleges will have the CAP points split between team members!
With "celebrity" judges including Susan Giordano, Dr. Siobhan Corbett, and other surprise judges, this event is SURE to change lives. 

Date: 3/13/15
Time: 6:30-10:00pm
Location: Main Lecture Hall
Price: $5 pre-sale, $7 at the door (includes a raffle ticket for a fabulous door prize, so don't lose yours!)
Dinner: will be served (and we promise it won't be pizza, although it may or may not be italian food!)


-       Maximum of 5 people

-       When choosing your song and planning your performance please be advised professors will be judging
-       Song Submission
   ***Please send your mp3 file to by 3/6 with each team members' RWJ college affiliation so points can be distributed to winning teams accordingly.

To sign up, copy and paste this link in your browser:

To fill out the spreadsheet with your group name and members: check your RWJMS email and see who else is participating! We want to keep the songs a secret though :)

-       CAP Points
o   1st place – 300 points
o   2nd place – 200 points
o   3rd place – 100 points
o   Attendance – 100 points to college who buys most tickets to the event

Other prizes from local businesses in NB and Piscataway will accompany the CAP points!

**The first 90 people to sign up to participate/buy tickets to the event will receive a coupon to Cups!

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