Saturday, December 6, 2014

M4 Student Doctor Spotlight

(From left to right: Jules Kowalski, Bekah Gensure, Helaina Klein)

Today we want to do a spotlight on some of our M4 student doctors who have gone above and beyond what is expected of them. We want to make sure you all know how awesome they are! 

This past Thursday, there was a mandatory meeting for M3's and many M4's were on away rotations, so we had a shortage of more senior members of a few student doctor teams but there were patients that needed to be seen. 

Luckily for these patients, we have Jules Kowalski, Helaina Klein, and  Bekah Gensure who were willing to use their free time to help them out. Promise Clinic would not be able to run without the dedicated student doctors, specifically those who have been with us for 4+ years and still show the same level of passion for the clinic. 

As a thank you to them, we wanted you to get to see how cool/amazing/lovely they are. So we interviewed them.

What is one characteristic you think a med student NEEDS to have? How has Promise Clinic helped you develop this trait?

Jules- "Humility. You need to be the type of person who is not above anyone because you can learn a lot from everyone around you. It certainly comes up a lot in Promise Clinic because of the nature of the teams that see patients."

Bekah- "One of the most important qualities for a student doctor to have is willingness to teach. The "see one, do one, teach one" mantra really comes to life as a student doctor. It's not just M4's and M3's teaching but M2's step up to help teach something they may have just learned while M3's and M4's are working on getting the note for the visit done." 

Helaina- "Humility.  At Promise Clinic, I am always learning from clinicians at every level: residents, more advanced students, less advanced pre-clinical students, attendings, and especially our patients!"

Clearly humility is an important trait for a medical student (they both separately said that without knowing what the other said)!

Fill in the blank. The must have fashion accessory for December 2014 is ____________.

Jules-"Glitter. Oh no, am I too late? Was that December 2013????!!?"

Bekah- "Boots."

Helaina- "Confidence!"

Again, we want to thank them for volunteering their time to help out other teams. Clinic would not function without people like you.

Kudos ladies!

xoxo Promise Clinic

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