Monday, October 27, 2014

Team of the Week October 23rd- Team 27

Hey all,

Congrats to the M1's on finishing their first Structure and Function exams! M2's- you've almost made it! Only a few more days until your exam!

This past week in Promise Clinic, our Team of the Week was dubbed Team 27.

A special shout out to our Team of the Week's M1- Nabgha Farhat- she came to Promise Clinic even when she had an exam the next day! Kudos to you.

Here is a photo of this exceptional team:

(From left to right: Nabgha Farhat, Sana Kathawala, Joanne Dekis, and Neilen Benvegnu)

This week we tried to switch it up so we didn't ask them any questions...

Just kidding, we did. Here are their responses:

Why do you do Promise Clinic?

Nabgha Farhat (M1)- It’s a great way for me to experience doctoring as a first year with patients, and get involved in the community of New Brunswick and meet M3s and M4s that I wouldn’t get to otherwise.

Neilen Benvegnu (M2)- I wanted to experience continuity of care and be a part of a team I could grow with. I think it's really special to see a patient (hopefully) improve over time due to your care and also see your team develop as doctors throughout the 4 years.

Joanne Dekis (M4)- I think it is a great opportunity to follow one patient over a long period of time, which you don’t get to do in Medical School.

If you could take all the things you love and move to any city in the world, which city would you choose and why?

NabghaBoston. I spent a year there after undergrad and I feel that it’s a good mix of small city feel with lots of different cultural, academic, and social opportunities.

Neilen- Tough. I want to move to London because I love football (the real football), but being Italian I think I would choose Venice, Italy because I love the language, the country is beautiful, and it's where my grandparents were born.

JoanneAthens, Greece. That’s where I draw my heritage, and I miss it! It’s a great city!

We're sorry that you couldn't learn about Sana but Marissa may have emailed her late...don't worry though it won't happen again because Marissa was fired (just kidding-I'm currently writing this).

xoxo Promise Clinic

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